Woodwork and lollies.. How to make a group of kids happy

After many years of teaching Woodwork in high schools, you’d think I’d have a set of projects all worked out and ready to go. Well no, that’s not how I work at all! I’ve never been one to just push out the same old projects year after year, mainly because every year, every workshop, and every student is different. To keep kids engaged while teaching what needs to be taught, sometimes you have to mix things up a bit and design a new task.

My latest project, a Lolly Dispenser, introduces a few different materials, hand tools, basic machines, assembly techniques, clear finishing, drawing with 3D CAD, and even cutting components with a laser cutter. It is small enough to be quick and inexpensive but appealing enough that most kids will be pleased to take it home and put it on display!

I’ve made it up to version 3, after seeing a few design flaws along the way, but am now happy with it and am looking forward to seeing 70 or so of these make their way out of my workshop over the coming weeks.

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